Charcuterie Classes

Would you like to know more about charcuterie? The basics of designing your own beautiful board? How to lay it out? What to put on it? Board & Table offers classes at your choice of location. These classes are great for a Girls’ Night Out, Showers, Book Club, Supper Club or really any gathering where there are people who love food!
Charcuterie Classes in Dallas
Charcuterie Class Dallas
Both classes include all class supplies prepped and ready and brought to your location. Allow 1.5 hours for a class and some setup time is needed. There may be a transportation fee for smaller classes outside our local area. View our class options below!
Please contact us with questions, and to reserve your class.

Types of Charcuterie Classes

Demonstration Class

This class is for a smaller group. No more than 12 guests. We demonstrate and layout a charcuterie board while the class watches. The class will also be involved in some of the cutting and design work. After the board is complete everyone gets to enjoy it! Cost is $40/person with a minimum of $250.

Make Your Own!

This class is for all sizes. Everyone will make their own charcuterie boards. The instructor will discuss charcuterie and the how to create your own board. You will also practice cutting cheese and fruit. The cost is $50/person with a minimum of $350.